How can I clean my granite worktops?

Most spills can be cleaned with a bit of kitchen towel and a damp cloth. Spills should be cleaned up quickly. Avoid scouring agents and abrasive cleaners and this may dull the surface. A microfiber cloth is great for keeping the dust at bay and a daily wipe with a damp cloth will remove general marks.

Does granite stain?

Highly polished granite is more stain resistant than a dull matt finish. Ripe fruit, acidic liquids, wine, hot oils or butter and some detergents can stain your work surface. Clear up any spills immediately. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the surface.

How do I remove stains from my granite worktops?

General marks will come away with water and a bit of rubbing with a cloth. It is important that the cleaner is PH neutral to avoid accidental damage of the polished surface.

Can I cut directly on my counter top?

Though granite is extremely tough and may damage to your sharp knives, it is advisable to use a cutter board instead to prevent damage to either blade or surface.

Will hot kitchen items like pots damage my granite surface?

Hot pots and pans can be placed on the counter top for brief periods but we suggest placing them on a heat resistant mat or similar instead. This will ensure your work surface remains scratch and crack free. Ceramic pots often have an unglazed base which can be highly abrasive. Care should be taken to ensure that anything with an abrasive surface is placed on a mat.

Can a granite worktop be physically damaged?

Although your granite surface is very resilient, it can be susceptible to hard blows from heavy objects. Avoid knocking the edges of the counter or placing items on the surface that have rough edges.

Can chips or scratches be removed from my granite work surface?

Depending on the level of damage, some repairs can be made. It general it is better to take preventative measures, like using cutting boards and mats, to ensure the damage doesn’t occur in the first place.



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